Hydroponics – Building a wooden grow box

I have redesigned my little box a bit. In the beginning, I drilled 5 holes for five pots. But because the hose was in the way, I could only fit 4 pots. So today I cut the hose short. Now I can fit the fifths pot and only have the small hoses coming through the lid. This should also decrease the risk of flooding my floor. Maybe I will place the spray nozzles under the lid in the next version. This seems to work for others and will reduce the flood risk further.

I also unpacked my chili seeds again. All the plants I sowed in October died due to not enough light. They only were standing on my windowsill without additional lights. So I chose now three different species. I packed them into a zip-lock bag with a wet paper towel. This method should prevent the seed to dry out.

New light fixture

Currently, I’m not able to measure the brightness of my LED light strip, but I’m guessing it is not enough for my plants. So I made a new light fixture with three 18 W T8 tubes. I used some wood scraps I had laying around. I mounted the fixture under my table like the LED strip before.

Current photo of the new light fixture and the remaining pepper plants, which I have now also put in the light.

T8 illumination
T8 illumination

A wooden grow box

I didn’t feel so safe with the light fixture mounting under my desk. So, I build a dedicated box for growing the plants. With the help of some Wood panels, I had laying around for a planned aquarium cabinet I could build a little, wooden grow box.

Now I could mount the light fixture with real hooks to the top of the box. Additionally, I can now adjust the height with the help of the chains. There is a blanket hanging in front so light can escape the grow box. Maybe I will stick some silver or white foil to the inside walls for additional light reflection.

Here is the picture of the new grow box:

Wooden grow box
Wooden grow box

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