Juwel Rio 300 aquarium – Plant growth and new fishes

10 days ago, I took a photo with the current state of my aquarium after I planted it new. Now there are some changes.

There are new fish which live in the middle and top area of the aquarium, so it isn’t so empty there anymore. My Ancistrus gave birth and I now have 15 new ones, at least this amount I could count until now. They also hide in my filter, so I have to check that they can escape there.

Here is the photo 10 days ago:

juwel rio 300 aquarium

And this is from today:

juwel rio 300 aquarium

And here a photo of one of the new Ancistrus. Not so easy to take a photo of them.

photo of a little ancistrus

One of the new fish is 12 Danio margaritatus which have a beautiful color. They have little dots on their body and the fins have strong, orange colors.

Also, I got another 18 Trigonostigma. With their black triangle on the body and orange fins, they are matching perfectly with the Danio margaritatus.

Both species are harmless to my shrimps, which was important for me. And now we have some more movement in the top half of the aquarium.

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    • Ich werde mal versuchen ein paar Bilder von beiden Arten zu machen. Die die ich bis jetzt gemacht habe waren nicht gut genug um ihr wirklich sch├Ânes Aussehen zu zeigen. Sind aber auch recht flinke Kerle, was das Fotografieren nicht leichter macht ^^


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