Robot platform for future development

Over the last weeks, I was building a moving robot platform with OpenBeam aluminum profiles from The platform should serve as a base for future development with the Raspberry Pi and OpenCV.

Therefore I got a nice OpenBeam kit with different aluminum profile lengths. For the fixture, I’m using the metal brackets from the kit and also self-designed parts which I printed in PLA and PHA/PLA. I used my Prusa i3 MK2 for printing the self-designed parts.

Currently, the robot platform drives forward until an obstacle is in a 20 cm range of the three Sharp distance sensors facing to the front. Then it backs up a little and turns to the right. If all three sensors are clear it continues driving forward. Two sensors are mounted with an angle, so they can detect obstacles in front of the wheels. This results in two gaps between the sensors where no detection is possible. So the next step is to print a bumper with flexible material. This bumper then closes a contact when it is pressed against an obstacle. So, in the end, the platform can stop when it comes in direct contact with an obstacle.

Below a little video with the platform in motion.