Starting with MicroPython on ESP32

Yesterday I saw the recordings of the talk from Christine Spindler on the 35c3 about MicroPython, which was great by the way. I heard about MicroPython before and had already looked into it. Because I have a MicroPython capable board lying on my bench, I will play a little with it. So let us install … Read more

Robot platform for future development

Over the last weeks, I was building a moving robot platform with OpenBeam aluminum profiles from The platform should serve as a base for futureĀ development with the Raspberry Pi and OpenCV. Therefore I got a nice OpenBeam kit with different aluminum profile lengths. For the fixture, I’m using the metal brackets from the kit … Read more

Prusa i3 MK2 build and print test

Last year I purchased the new kit version of the Original Prusa i3 MK2. It finally arrived and it was worth the waiting. I ordered the third printer only because I want to try building a printer. Both printers I already own are already assembled ones. So I said to me the Prusa has a … Read more

ESP8266 Ai-Thinker ESP-12 library for Eagle

I started working on a little ESP8266 project again. This time with an ESP-12 module from Ai-Thinker. Therefore I created a new part in Eagle after the specifications from Ai-Thinker (Technical Specifications). My purchased module has a slightly different silkscreen as shown in the document. The module I have has GPIO4 and GPIO5 swapped and … Read more

Timelapse in Workum (Holland) with the Flow-Mow

For this year’s Holland vacation I bought a little gadget for my camera. It’s called a Flow-Mow and lets you take moving timelapse recordings. The Flow-Mow works like a mechanical kitchen timer. You mount it between your tripod and the camera. Then just wind it up and it starts slowly turning. So while you take … Read more