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Who am I and what I do for a living

Hi, I’m Alex. I use this website to document my ideas, my photos and other stuff I’m interested in. Maybe someone else finds it’s interesting.

I have done an apprenticeship as an energy electronics technician for operating technology. After that, I got a bachelor of engineering. During my studies, I worked for an automotive supplier where I could write my bachelor thesis. Currently, I work as a hardware development engineer for an automotive supplier.

Content and interests

The content on this website will depend on what I’m currently interested in. This will very likely be something that has to do anything with technology. Currently, I do a little with home automation. But for me, a “smart home” is something I don’t even notice. Everything works behind the scene. Telling my home with an app or via voice recognition what it has to do is not really smart for me. So I try to keep it simple and automate only tasks which I otherwise have to do over and over again.

I also like to take pictures, so there will be a few of them too.

Some time ago I got my first 3D printer. Now I have three. They are a useful tool for me like a hammer or a screwdriver.

And I love it green. So I have a bunch of indoor plants and in my new home, I finally have a garden. Some content will be over this topic.


 Alexander Ransmann
 Feldbergstr. 1a
 65239 Hochheim am Main


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